About Summer Storm

Summer Storm claims to be of the progressive classic rock genre. The ambition of the project is to internationally establish the first classic rock French band. The first CD has already been produced, composed, and arranged by Patrice Vigier, with all lyrics and melodies created by Renaud Hantson. The CD is ready to be released, and the second CD will be released in 2019.

About Patrice Vigier (Guitarist, Guitar Maker)

Patrice Vigier has been a worldwide, reputable, non-industrial guitar maker since 1980. His great reputation has manifested due to his innovative instruments, such as the fretless guitars with metal fingerboards, or the first memory guitar. Vigier’s instruments are played by a myriad of bands including: Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Simple Minds, Guns and Roses, Oingo Boingo, Stanley Jordan, Lapiro de Mbanga, and Shawn Lane.

Patrice Vigier is also the owner of a musical instrument distribution company in Europe.

Challenges are nothing new for Patrice. He was challenged when he started making guitars, when he started his distribution company, and when he opened foreign branches. Patrice Vigier is highly determined and is extremely driven until he reaches his goals.

His current goal is to establish a French progressive classic rock band. With help and a little luck, he will be victorious in his pursuit. This project is driven by a passion for music and a desire to share. Why French? Because it is exotic, and there are no international French bands in this genre yet.

To release good music, a talented singer is needed. The Vigier’s Summer Storm Project was introduced to Renaud Hantson, a man of many talents including: singer, writer, arranger, producer, and showman. Hantson had a successful and popular career as the main singer of the French Rock opera Notre Dame de Paris, La Légende De Jimmy, and Starmania. He was also the lead singer of one of the most respected metal bands, Satan Jokers.

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