CD Summer Storm First Explication

The Songs:


“Introduction” is meant to demonstrate Patrice Vigier’s personality, and as a kind of provocation. “Introduction” is primarily composed of a “fast” playing guitar, where the rest of the CD is not. This is one of three instrumental pieces on the CD. It is short, percussive, and very classically oriented.

Summer Storm

Patrice Vigier composed this song with the movements of a summer storm in mind, especially with the quality of unpredictability. It is a long song filled with complexity, but musical harmony guides the mood. Renaud Hantson’s lyrics are lighter, which gives the piece a softness and grace. Hantson’s melodies are extremely efficient and his performance as singer is exceptional.

Whoever You Are

This is classic rock song in which Renaud Hantson sings about what he experienced as a rock star. He touches on the feeling of success, and suddenly being surrounded by people that did not necessarily do what was best for him.

Little by Little

Another classic rock song that is fast, light, and easy to listen to. Renaud Hantson pulls us toward the infinite in this excellent song!

Natural Born Lover

Patrice Vigier proposed to Renaud Hantson that they do a song in French/English. The music is inspired by Mozart and is quite different from classic rock. Hantson embraced this piece with lyrics that are very “French Lover.”

Free Days

This is the second instrumental track on the CD. Patrice Vigier’s style of life has not left him much time to rest, and so “Free Days,” is an emanation of a day without obligations. It differs from other songs on the CD and is a favorite of Pasacl Mulot who performs a beautiful bass introduction.


“G.V.” stands for Georges Vigier, Patrice Vigier’s father. Patrice Vigier also made a guitar named G.V. which was chosen by the Vigier community. Georges Vigier was raised an orphan, and was a self-made man that always supported his son. This song is Patrice Vigier’s anthem to his father. It is filled with devotion and sadness, but also celebration of G.V.’s memory. Renaud Hantson transcribes Vigier’s feelings gorgeously, and modestly. The end result is outstanding.

Life is Too Short

You live, and you live, and you live. Then suddenly, you are at the limit of life and the surprise of death. You exist, and then just as suddenly, you do not. This is what this song is about. Renaud Hantson, through his tremendous vocals, reminds us of deep truths we all forget sometimes. Aurelien Ouzoulias’ drum set is striking and soars with the song’s dramatic peak.


The last instrumental of the album is a piece of easy listening music wherein Vigier shows his ability as a guitarist. The title’s made up word represents the conclusion of the CD that includes a very heartfelt goodbye.